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What some of our existing Customers say;

“I got the iKydz unit last week and the set up was a piece of cake, except for the fact that all devices in the house are named after my husband Jim in sequential order. I think we keep Apple in business! Once I figured out the relevant ones, we were good to go”

Cathy – Arizona, USA

"It’s made a big difference in our home, although it was not the most welcomed piece of technology!!"

John – Dublin, Ireland

I had been using the timed access control in my router but when I saw the added filtering and scheduling benefits of the iKydz system I was sold. "

Jeffrey- Chicago, USA


Designed by Parents for Parents

BLOCK - Unsuitable Content

RESTRICT - Internet Usage

CONTROL - Access

STOP - Access to the Internet

PROTECT - Your Children

Internet Control in Your Hands

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iKydz is sold and operating in 28 countries;

“I have three children of varying ages. iKydz allowed me tailor individual content levels and schedules like nothing before - Great product"

Sandra, Melbourne, Australia


“Its €99 which is very affordable… a very clever idea”

Jess Kelly – Technology Journalist and Broadcaster

"I bought an Ikydz box when the Ikydz company was  just starting. Its been really easy to install, the customer support has been excellent and the kids hate it J!  I have the latest version on the App and I can control all my teenage daughters devices from my phone… I dont allow them us their school ipads for social media and we can control when and what websites they can see. In particular I like to know they are sleeping and not on their devices at night. Its been really easy to install , I just downloaded the app to my phone and from theere set some basic schedules which I have rarely needed to change. Even when their friends come round, their devices automatically appear on the ikydz app and we can apply the same controls there.. so no borrowing the friends or neighbours devices !  A perfect fit for my family".

Eugene - Dublin, Ireland

Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids devices.